Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Glenwood RR results

Longbranch Classic RR results

West Side Omnium results

Thanks to all who raced, all who volunteered, and our great sponsors who made this all possible!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As an enticement to everybody who registers online (for the Omnium or Glenwood RR) - you will be automatically entered in a drawing for our raffle which presently includes a pair of unrestricted Alaska Airline tickets (a $1740 value).

Day of race registrants are not automatically entered but may purchase raffle tickets for additional cost. Everybody may purchase additional raffle tickets at day of race to enhance their chances of winning raffle prizes.

Drawing will be held at end of day of Glenwood RR, you need not be present to win. Registrants for Longbranch Classic RR only are not included in this raffle.

the raffle was expanded to also include a pair of Conti Gran Prix 4000's, a pair of gift certificates for usa at Nordstrom, and a set of Look KOE pedals. The winner of the pair of unrestricted Alaska Airlines tickets was Scott Ramsey of Lake Forest Park (who pre-registered with SBO).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pre-race registration now OPEN!

(click on SBO logo for direct link to registration)

Race flyer and USAC/Kitsap County specific athlete release are available (here and/or in race specifics area to the right).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Proposed Prize Distribution

Approximate total weekend prize package $6000+
(cash & merchandise - mostly cash)

Glenwood RR & Longbranch Classic RR daily race prizes
($1000 cash + merchandise) - each race
Pro/1/2 Men.........$350 - 3 deep ($160, 115, 75)
Pro/1/2 Women.....$300 - 3 deep ($140, 100, 60)
CAT 3 Men...........$200 - 3 deep ($100, 60, 40)
CAT 3 Women.......$150 - 3 deep ($70, 50, 30)
CAT 4 Men............merch - 3 deep
CAT 4 Women........merch - 3 deep
CAT 5 Men............merch - 3 deep

West Side Omnium prizes
($3000 cash + merchandise)
Pro/1/2 Men........$1500 - 10 deep
($400, 300, 215, 150, 125, 100, 75, 55, 45, 35)
Pro/1/2 Women.... $750 - 5 deep ($300, 200, 125, 75, 50)
CAT 3 Men...........$500 - 5 deep ($200, 120, 80, 60, 40)
CAT 3 Women.......$250 - 3 deep ($125, 80, 45)
CAT 4 Men...........merch - 3 deep
CAT 4 Women.......merch - 3 deep
CAT 5 Men...........merch - 3 deep

Friday, March 13, 2009

Host Hotel

The Day's Inn in Port Orchard (360-895-7818) will hold 20 rooms for this event. They are located just off Hwy 16 very near the start of the Glenwood Road Race and about 1/2 hour away from the Longbranch Classic venue.

Please reserve your room by April 17th. After that date the rooms and/or discount may not be available. Ask for the "Old Town Bicycle bike race discount".

Rooms are $78 for a single, $83 for a double. Reserve early, reserve often!

Thanks to Day's Inn for their support.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

West Side Omnium - part 2

Glenwood RR (host to the 2009 WA State Senior Championship RR) - Saturday May 2nd.

Longbranch Classic RR - Sunday May 3rd.

There are a variety of things to chase for this weekend of racing - State Championship status, BARR points, WA Cup points, and for CAT 1 Men & CAT 1/2 Women a chance to go to the Nature Valley Grand Prix (see rules).

We will also offer a generous prize package for both days of racing - estimated to be in the $5,500 range (as we firm up sponsorship) - mostly cash with merchandise as well, heavily weighted toward omnium racers.

Proposed Race Schedule:

----------------------------Glenwood RR --------Longbranch Classic RR
0900 CAT 4 Men--------55 miles (3.5 laps)---------42 miles (4 laps)
0905 CAT 5 Men--------40 miles (2.5 laps) ------- 31.5 miles (3 laps)
0910 CAT 4 Women ---40 miles (2.5 laps) --------31.5 miles (3 laps)
Noon Award ceremonies for above races
1300 Pro/1/2 Men-----100 miles (6.5 laps)-------- 63 miles (6 laps)
1305 CAT 3 Men--------70 miles (4.5 laps)---------52.5 miles (5 laps)
1310 Pro/1/2 Women--70 miles (4.5 laps) --------52.5 miles (5 laps)
1315 CAT 3 Women----55 miles (3.5 laps)---------42 miles (4 laps)
Post race Award ceremonies for afternoon races

We are planning on utilizing SBO for pre-race registration. Please note that some fields will be restricted (CAT 5 Men & CAT 4 Women are limited by USA Cycling rules to 50 participants); and may fill quickly. All other categories will be published on the race flyer and available on SBO as well If you want to ensure your participation in this WA State Championship race plan accordingly. I will provide a link, so when you see the SBO logo appear on this site you will be able to start online pre-registration - estimated to be in mid-March.

For the Glenwood RR (like last year) - Kitsap County requires inclusion on the USA Cycling racer release. So for those of you that like to have things filled out ahead of time to streamline your time at day-of-race registration I will have provide a link to the required form when finalized. Otherwise these forms will be available at registration day-of-race. For those registering for the Omnium I think this one release will suffice for both days, but I'll check with USA Cycling to be sure.

WSBA numbers - both a jersey (right side) and frame number required. Rental numbers will be available at each race for a $10 fee ($5 refundable). Out-of-state racers no fee (just a $5 deposit). Omnium racers will use same number for the weekend.

OBRA & other out-of-state racers are always welcome. You will not be eligible for WA State Championship medals; but will be eligible for your share of the prize package based on your actual order of finish.

USAC License required. 1-day license available at day-of-race registration for CAT 4 Women & CAT 5 Men. OBRA racers CAT 3/4/5 may purchase a 1-day license for each race, please bring OBRA license with you.